Sunday, December 13, 2009

Button Your Bracelet

Measurement: 7.5" long including clasp

Create your own button bracelet!! =)

Follow this 4 simple steps to design your own bracelet:
step 1: choose your clasp
step 2: pick up your ring
step 3: tell me your favourite small charm

step 4: my button colour. Button size: 1.1cm (fix 9 buttons per bracelet, you may mix the colour)
The bracelet lay start from left:
clasp + 1st button choice + 2nd button choice + 3rd button choice + until 9th button choice + small charm.

To order, do contact me through hp. Give your personal details and the design that you want. =)
Measurement: 7.5" long including clasp
Final look of your button bracelet would be like shown above.

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